No work
Finally…I have declared a retreat from all activities involving lab work, school work or any associated word relating to “work.” This is indeed a surprise coming from a workaholic like me (if I say so myself…)

The story behind
Winter semester 2010 was particularly a hard one. With writing my thesis, editing and re-editing with a pair of borrowed hawk’s eyes, TAing and working part-time at a CEGEP, I was on a roller coaster of stress and serious time management issues. Simultaneously, I was working on a PhD proposal for my application in Educational Studies (another story in itself).

This semester was worse. Maybe, mostly from recurring fatigues and stress from the previous semester and failure to take a well-deserved break. If it was up to my “Let’s go with the flow” persona, I’d definitely go on vacation with my friends or opt for a lost island with perfectly calm lagoons and refreshing coconut drinks or pinacolada.

However, my scholarship was over and I already had a job at a CEGEP (which I love and intended to keep since I was new), I decreed upon postponing the fun for a while. In addition of my job, I was also working on some publications and additional lab works.

Since the start of this week, I am officially in holiday mode. For one thing, I sleep till late – 10 am and sit on the deck to linger over some tea and muffins. My cat is nowadays my faithful companion (miraculously never leaving my side), since my partner is off to a conference in the States. Then, I catch up on some long awaited readings – books from Wiggs, Griffin, Sparks and Paolini or watch some movies. I prepare a light lunch – mostly tuna sandwiches and indulge upon comforting chocolate desserts. Then, it’s nap time with my faithful cat half-asleep, guarding the bedroom door.

Occasionally, I do think about some pre-reading for my PhD – but I manage to brush off this idea. There’s still gardening to enjoy and new recipes waiting to be discovered…

In a few weeks
When summer will be in full swing, I plan to visit Marine Land and Niagara Falls. I can hardly wait to board the “Maid of the Mist” and feel the rejuvenating powers of the Falls. I look forward to replenish my energy and face next semester with a smile.

Neerusha Gokool Baurhoo


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