Yes to Montreal 3! (Starting Point for the NDP in Quebec)

It is still fresh.  The NDP won 102 seats in Canada, with 58 of those seats coming from Quebec (according to CBC online).

Before this election only Thomas Mulcair (Outremont) had a seat in Quebec.  If you are into the NDP, Quebec is the place to be.

Even if you’re not, sometimes students have a way of seeing the NDP’s way of things.  Promotion of education and lower tuition rates being prime motivators.

I live in Justin Trudeau’s riding so I did not entirely share in the orange wave that swept the province on Monday.

But at a friend’s house we talked about Quebec, and how this province tends to start movements.  Both the NDP and Harper’s conservatives have strong roots in the west.  Is this newfound support of all things western simply a form of exoticization of the western Canadian ‘other’?  This is perhaps a stretch, but perhaps not.

There was a core group of ridings around Quebec City in the election before this one that voted conservative.  Within one election they’ve mostly gone back on that, this time doing a 180 and voting NDP.

Welcome to the adventure of Quebec!  When you live here, you never know what’s next!

Gwilym Lucas Eades, PhD Site

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