Summer breeze…makes me feel fine…blowing through the jasmine in my mind.

The title of my blog post is quoted from Seals and Crofts – a great band, one member of whom I met personally (along with his family – it was Seals, not Crofts – and he was really nice).  Anyway, there’s my side note.  It was warm today! Finally!  Montrealers were actually walking around outside with light jackets.  It was difficult to walk in the streets because they were so crowded down town.  The day was supposed to be rainy and 20 degrees, but it wasn’t so rainy.  It felt tropical – it was moody all day – with warm winds and a threat of drizzle but mostly sunshine coming through the clouds.  A nice break from the endless snow, endless cold temperatures that will can never be forgiven.  No matter how much I love Montreal I just can’t stand the winters.  And by winters, I mean 10 months out of 12.  The funny thing is during the 2 months that I actually can stand Montreal, I forget about all of the months of misery (well, not that miserable, considering there’s no nuclear crisis, war, or tsunami going on – we are blessed) and mental numbness caused only by the frigidity and of the weather.  It’s not quite time to roll down the windows and drive down the street pumpin’ “Summertime” by Will Smith, but it may be time to step outside of buildings we’ve been hiding in and actually breathe in oxygen and smile.  Notice how easy it is to forget everything once summer rolls around?  Spring erases our collective memory of winter.  It brings hope.

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