It’s snow good.

It really is no good.  It stifles creative thinking.  It blurs the mind.  It causes anxiety and unhappiness.  Every time I have to be outdoors for any amount of time – even 30 seconds – it has an averse effect on me.  Having all of this snow fall out of nowhere on Groundhog Day – the very day that the Groundhog, Chuck, did NOT see his shadow and predicted an early spring.  Well, an early spring would definitely do us some good.  But so would a nice, warm, toasty summer.  In February is when things really start to get difficult (when it comes to coping with the winter) – and since “spring break” is happening late February/early March, there are literally no flights available if you book too late to actually leave Montreal.  Your best bet is to drive down to Florida.  As sad as that sounds.  And now, with the amount of snow on the ground in the entire Northeast, that won’t be easy to do either.

In any case, it always amazes me to see that people choose voluntarily to live here, when the entire globe is available to them.  It always makes me ponder why they do.  I always think – it must be some sort of cognitive dissonance that people are resolving.  That, or they enjoy winter sports.  You know, all we really need is just one day per month (during the winter months) of complete summer.  Just one day.  And we could survive it.  Just one day out of life.  It would be…it would be so nice…

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