Snowboarding II

As I prepare myself for day number 2 of snowboarding, I ask myself, what do I hope to get out of this new experience?

First, the thrill of hurtling downhill, slightly out of control, of making those little breakthroughs where I figure out, from fear, how to hold my own.

Second, the satisfaction of taking on a new challenge, the potential for mastery some time in the distant future.  I’ve also started taking classical guitar lessons for the same reason.

Third, the physical satisfaction of re-tuning my body to the board and the mountain.  Developing muscles that had lain virtually dormant almost my whole life.  Feeling very sore.

Fourth, to use all that new gear: board, bindings, boots, helmet and wrist guards.  All those people who helped me: I don’t want to let them down.  These include knowledgeable staff, friends and teachers.

Fifth, I’m  making new friends all over the place, and it is contagious.  Being friends with a snow boarding instructor, having lunch with him, has led a usually diffident me to befriend all kinds of others: book store owners, managers and even people who are already friends I find refreshed by the new post-apocalyptic (post-PhD) positive me.

Sixth, I’m gearing up for Fernie, March 4, where I have a conference.  When I get there I want to be ready to go, hands free, just me and my board and the mountain!

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