Must love dogs

When I left my hometown in the fall of 2009, to pursue graduate studies at McGill, I left behind friends, family and familiarity. Most importantly, I left my dog.

For nine months, he stayed with my parents while I waited and hoped for the day we would be reunited. As the stars aligned and I found a suitable apartment, the stage was set for a reunion. For months prior to his arrival, I scoured the city for dog parks and areas suitable for walking a dog, who had spent the first year of his life running uninhibited through the wilderness trails of Northern Ontario.

To my surprise and great delight, I found that the city of Montreal has a number of urban-green-spaces well suited for pet owners and their furry companions. Specifically, Mount Royal offers an incredible tapestry of scenic footpaths over a wide range of terrains. From well groomed and heavily trodden paths to more remote and relaxing off-the-beaten-path nature trails; this inner city oasis is topnotch. Also near by, the Dr. Penfield dog park offers a fully-enclosed wide-open space for dogs to frolic, while owners relax and enjoy the moment. Take some time to uncover the hidden gems in your neck of the woods. Happy dog walking.

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