I already got the best Christmas present ever, from McGill University.  And I have a loving group of people here in Montreal I get to spend the holidays with.  There are presents under the tree, and the future is bright.

Many clichés spring to mind.  There are struggles that do not end with the holidays, many are laid bare.  Christmas for many is a scarred day, never to be seen again in the same way.

I feel lucky that I still have a sense of wonder around this time of year, how it always manages to happen in much the same way, and how, for short time, people come together a little bit, in small ways.

I got this feeling walking around last night in Villeray.  Some people in a car were talking to a couple of pedestrians, asking directions.  Several of us pointed the way.

Revellers ambled snowy sidewalks, heading to parties with beer, wine and presents.

It was a nice night and I felt glad to be alive.  No matter what the new year brings, I’m pretty sure I’ll continue to feel that way.

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