Movies (One Grad’s Greatest Day 8)

To celebrate or escape I sometimes go to the movies.  It’s easy to get to three really good movie theatres from McGill campus.  It’s easy to wander out of Burnside Hall, especially since no one’s watching or keeping track.  The AMC, Scotia Bank and Cinema du Parc beacon with dreams on screens galore.

My favourite movies I’ve seen are J’ai Tue Ma Mere (Cinema du Parc) and Vision (AMC).  The first was directed by a Quebecer, Xavier Dolan; the second was directed by Margarethe Von Trotta, a German.  At the Scotia Bank theatre, my favourite was probably Inception.

Movies are great escape, as are the bookstores on the way to the movies.  At least five bookstores can be browsed along St. Catherine Street on the way to the AMC.  One of those bookstores has two cats (one named Eliot).  On the way to Cinema du Parc is Word bookstore, on Milton.  Indigo and Chapters flank the Scotia Bank theatre on either side.

I watch a lot of movies at home.  My personal collection includes Amores Perros, Ripley’s Game and Elizabeth.  I can watch these movies over and over again.  For some reason watching David Lynch helped me feel calm about my PhD oral defense.

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