Ateliers et Saveurs !
Ateliers et Saveurs… officially my new favourite place in Montreal. Opened a bit over two years ago, it’s the gourmet’s 3 in 1 package deal. It’s a cooking school, a cocktail school and also a wine school. I first heard about it last year from a friend who took her boyfriend there for a cooking class. I don’t know if she secretly wanted to send him a message, but the end result is that they both loved it and prompted me to book a class on how to make macarons. That was over six months ago and although I never tried making macarons ever again, the two hour class with a French patissier and subsequent degustation were well worth it. Recently I returned to learn to make cocktails (martinis and cosmos). What a fun 2 hours, not only do you learn how to make these delicious and gorgeous drinks; you get to drink them afterwards in between eating complementary appetizers. Since them, I have replicated both the grape and raspberry martinis I learned from the class and they got approval ratings form both friends and boyfriend…so I would say mission accomplished!

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