My research is frustrating. Power engineering is such an unfamiliar realm of study for me – still. My undergrad electrical engineering background did not really cover concepts of power very in-depth; very few undergrad electrical engineering programs do, unfortunately. The concepts of power converters and power system dynamics fascinate me. But, I really suck at implementing models of these systems. But, I really want to. I mean, the graphs look so pretty when everything works out well.

I’ve been designing this damned solar cell simulation model forever now. And, this is only even a small part of what my thesis covers. Hopefully, this is one of those brick walls that, once I overcome it – IF that happens, the rest will be relatively easy with the newfound expertise accumulating from the frustrations of this damned model.

I need to find a good book on designing control systems for power converters. I mean, the actual power converter topology is not that difficult; it’s a pretty generic template. But, making the algorithm that brings the converter to life is the frustrating part. And, unfortunately, I can’t seem to find a book out there that explains in easy, generic terms (even based on my controls background) how to do this. Argggghhhh… I’ve become sadly accustomed now to spending hours on the computer – and having little to show for it.

I want to spend a good month or so immersing myself in books about all this. But, that would take way too much time down a tangent that I’m not even sure that I should be going down.

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